A La Carte (12/27)

One of the things Aileen got me for Christmas was Baseball: The Tenth Inning, Ken Burns’ update to his classic documentary series on the game (it covers the last 2 decades). Though it’s necessarily selective in the issues it discusses (it focuses a ton of attention on Boston and New York, for example, but none on the rise of the Rays or the resurgence of the Tigers), I really enjoyed it, more than the original series I think. If you’re a bsaeball fan, you should probably grab it.

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Bundle Up, It’s Global Warming – I’ve gone on record as a global warming skeptic. And articles like this aren’t about to sway my mind. An article in the NY Times explains how global warming causes global cooling.

Hitchens vs. Blair on Religion – My friend Ian gives his take on the recent debate between Tony Blair and Christopher Hitchens, deciding that Hitchens did a better job in this debate.

The Watchword – A young friend of mine has begun a unique blog. His first entry is called “The Watchword” and is a very interesting story of conversion.

In the Beginning – Here’s a free song that may interest you. It’s based on John 1.

Silly Ideas that Made Millions – Here are a few of them.

Oprah or Religion? – You decide. (HT:MK)

Difficulties in the way to heaven serve to bring us to a despair of ourselves, not of God. –Thomas Manton