A La Carte (12/28)

Yesterday my wife painted the girls’ bedroom (green on 2 walls, pink on the other 2–there’s something we’ll have to change if we ever decide to sell the place), hung a closet organizer and completely rearranged their room. She’s omnicapable, that wife of mine. And the girls are the happy beneficiaries.

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4 Great Doctrines – J.C. Ryle on 4 great doctrines to always keep in mind.

Mchaseteely – This daily reader of this blog is currently deployed in Afghanistan and is documenting his time with some amazing photographs.

Serving a God of Miracles – WORLD’s cover story is an interesting one. “For doctors like Richard Bransford, enemy warfare begins in the womb. The spinal column fails to form, an infection leaves fluid on the brain, or genetic makeup jumpstarts any number of crippling diseases. In Africa, where Bransford works, such disabilities are both more common and less treated than in the United States. The UN estimates that up to 20 percent of the population in some African nations is disabled.”

Just Follow Jesus – Here’s another interview with Derek Webb. What he says (and sings) continues to concern.

Communicating Love – Brian Croft lists a few of the ways in which he communicates love to his wife.

Best Mac Apps of 2010 – TUAW offers a roundup of some of 2010’s best Mac apps.

Don’t Text and Drive – AT&T has a new documentary that ought to convince you why you shouldn’t text and drive.

The dangers to our spiritual welfare from success are far greater than the dangers from failure. –Aruthur C. Custance