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A La Carte (1/25)

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My son is in 5th grade and says that he’s about the only boy in the class not allowed to play Call of Duty: Black Ops. According to Plugged In’s review, “Slo-mo bullet-time shots focus closely behind a flying slug as it skims across a field of battle and plunges into an opponent’s forehead, blowing his brains out the back of his head. In a thumbscrew interrogation scene a guy has glass stuffed in his mouth and we watch the bloody results as he’s repeatedly punched in the face.” The game is rated M for Mature. Ten years old sure isn’t mature enough for that kind of stuff!

Billy Graham’s Regret – “Billy Graham, the beloved evangelist known as ‘America’s pastor,’ says that looking back on his long life and public ministry, one thing he would do differently is to avoid the political entanglements that have been one of the rare blots on his otherwise hallowed legacy.”

Master Builder – This would be a great job. “Believe it or not, a few lucky Lego lovers are able to make a living snapping together bricks in various shapes and sizes at one of the four Legoland amusement parks around the world.”

Catholic vs Reformed – Wes Bredenhof is a far better correspondent than I am. In this letter to a friend he outlines the differences between Roman Catholic and Reformed theology.

They Ceased. Period – You know that interview with John MacArthur that everyone was upset about last week (the one where he spoke about Darren Patrick)? David says “I really thought MacArthur’s comments on the Pentecostal and charismatic movements would cause a ruckus somewhere, but, as far as I know, charismatic tongues have remained miraculously silent.” He transcribes what MacArthur says about the gifts.

Marriott Says No – New Marriott hotels will no longer offer adult movies in their rooms. Which is good. Unfortunately the reason they are doing this is not ethical; everyone brings their own computer to their room now and watches porn for free.

The Ikea Maze – One of those things you kind of know, but it’s still helpful to read about: “If you’ve ever found yourself hopelessly lost in an Ikea store, you were probably not alone. The home furnishing chain’s mazy layouts are a psychological weapon to part shoppers from their cash, an expert in store design claims.”

Things We Say Wrong – Fun with the language (HT:KD)

My complaint is not that I am in the world, but that the world is in me. I cannot get it out of my heart except as I let You in.

—John Baird

  • The Means and the End

    The Means and the End

    There is a crucial distinction between means and ends. Ends are the goals we have set our hearts on, while means represent the habits or disciplines through which we can realistically hope to attain those goals.

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    Weekend A La Carte (June 22)

    A La Carte: Motherhood / An open letter to dads about gentle parenting / How do I navigate a painful breakup? / More wonderful than being beautiful / Three reasons to show up to the prayer meeting / and more.

  • Free Stuff Fridays (Moody Publishers)

    This giveaway is sponsored by Moody Publishers. Attention all Bible scholars, believers in the power of faith, and lovers of the Word! Learn about God’s divine mercy and compassion with our exclusive Bible Study Giveaway. Win the ultimate bible study library including Overflowing Mercies by author and Bible teacher Craig Allen Cooper. This giveaway also…

  • Leadership

    We Need Qualified Leadership

    A few days ago I happened upon the page of an especially mega-sized megachurch. The church is about to undergo a leadership transition from an older man to a younger one and a page on the site lays out the process through which this new pastor was chosen. I read with a morbid kind of…

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (June 21)

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  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (June 20)

    A La Carte: How to support the caregivers in your church / What we gain in following Jesus / The way we feel is not necessarily the way it is / The power and danger of habit / The man who introduced American Evangelicals to C.S. Lewis / and more.