A La Carte (12/6)

I enjoyed a great weekend with the men of Heritage Baptist Church in Johnson City, Tennessee. I flew out to Tennessee on Friday and spent a couple of days on retreat with these guys, discussing issues related to sex and purity. What a godly group of men they are. And what an awesome thing that I can fly 1,000 miles from home and immediately find fellowship with brothers in Christ. God is good.

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London Cab Ride – Here’s a great little story, told on the Desiring God web site.

Naked Body Scanners – Amy talks about her experience with the naked body scanners at the airports. This and the article that follows it (Part 2) are well worth the read.

Is the Holy Spirit a She? – Bill Mounce: “Heard a fascinating piece of bad exegesis the other day. The Holy Spirit is a she.” He takes issue with this…

A Tale of Two Churches – The LA Times writes about the Schuller family in a tale of two churches. “Family discord and financial shortfalls have plagued the opulent but bankrupt Crystal Cathedral, an operation some see as outdated. The founder’s grandson has established his own, more intimate church, seeking to evolve with the times.”

Beautiful Monotony – Jared Wilson says that the gospel has a beautiful monotony to it.

Maccabees – A little bit of Jewish history wrapped up in a popular song.


Our old nature is no more extinct than the devil; but God’s will is that the dominion of both should be broken. –John Stott