A La Carte (11/18)

This airport security situation continues to fascinate me. After I wrote my article yesterday someone asked, “If you were traveling with your family, would you have your children go through the body scanner or would you have the TSA pat them down?” And to be honest, I just don’t know. I hate the very idea of the body scanners and dislike the unknown factor regarding the radiation they subject us to. And yet I can’t see subjecting my kids to a full patdown. I just don’t know. What would you do?

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Resisting the TSA – I appreciated Ed Stetzer’s article on why you should resist the new TSA security procedures. “I think you should resist the policy that requires some passengers to either submit to a full body x-ray scan that produces an essentially nude image of the passenger, or endure an invasive pat down.” Andy Crouch is also plenty mad.

Earth as Art – This is an amazing gallery of images of earth taken from space. Earth as art–it strikes me that this is exactly how God would want us to think of it.

The Watters’ Story – Desiring God shares the story of the Watters family. Watch it!

Midterm Elections – This infographic has some interesting stats to share regarding the midterm elections.

Lead Me – A while back I linked to Matt Hammit talking about his song “Lead Me.” Here is a video of that song in which he sings of his need to be a leader to his family.

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