A La Carte (12/7)

Thursday December 7, 2006

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Weird: Here is a story about somebody’s new most embarrassing moment. An American Airlines plane made an emergency landing after passengers smelled sulphur. Turns out a passenger was trying to cover up evidence of a far greater crime. BBC reports.

Politics: The Liberal Party of Canada, the party most likely to win the next national election has elected a new leader. He refuses to give up his French citizenship.

Bible: The Wall Street Journal reports that Bibles are a booming business with new editions appearing seemingly every day.

Consumerism: Amazon has a new feature this year which allows customers to vote for one amazing deal. This week’s deal is a LCD TV for only $200. If you voted for it, you should check to see if you are eligible to buy it. And then you can list it on eBay for $400.