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A La Carte (12/7)

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Yesterday we went out and put ourselves through the yearly ritual of buying a Christmas tree. Those things aren’t getting any cheaper, are they? The local place had really nice trees but wanted $55 for them. After seeing how nice they were (and comparing gas prices to the distance we’d have to drive to get one for a lot cheaper) we caved. Sigh.

Liam Neeson and Aslan – Liam Neeson recently said some interesting things about portraying (the voice of) Aslan in the Narnia movies. STR comments: “Poor Liam Neeson. He can’t win. He probably feels like he has to distance himself from the narrow, Christian message of The Chronicles of Narnia by recreating Aslan for himself in a more palatable, relativistic form to avoid upsetting the culture at large. And why not, if all that matters is what a text means to us, rather than what the author intended that text to mean?”

The Deadly Fruit of Gender Selection – CBMW writes about a sad case. “What happens when a left-wing academic persuades parents to ‘reassign’ the gender of one of their children? A recent story out of the United Kingdom tragically illustrates the answer. It also displays with stunning clarity the infinite chasm between God’s unfathomable wisdom and the utter foolishness of what the apostle Paul calls the wisdom of this age.”

A Must-Read – Aaron Armstrong recently reviewed Cruciform’s book Servanthood as Worship and declares that it is a must-read.

Like Monopoly in the Depression – This article in the Washington Post says that Settlers of Catan is the great boardgame of this generation. Which makes me wish I’d actually played it. We own it, but haven’t ever gotten 3 people who wanted to play it at the same time.

Books vs E-Books – This is an interesting infographic from Newsweek. It does some comparing and contrasting between books and e-books.

Food-Court Messiah – I posted this once before, but people keep sending it to me, telling me I need to put it in A La Carte. So I’ll do so again. And gladly, because it’s really good.

Glory follows afflictions, not as the day follows the night but as the spring follows the winter; for the winter prepares the earth for the spring, so do afflictions sanctified prepare the soul for glory.

—Richard Sibbes

  • The Danger and Necessity of a Passion for Church Growth

    The Danger and Necessity of a Passion for Church Growth

    Quite a long time has passed since we witnessed the unexpected rise of a new kind of Calvinism. Few had anticipated that in the twenty-first century, so many millions of people spanning a host of nations and traditions would find themselves affirming such old and controversial doctrines. Yet many did so because they were wary…

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    A La Carte (July 12)

    A La Carte: John Piper on repetitive worship songs / Jen Wilkin says not to fear the marks in Revelation / Carl Trueman’s hope beyond politics in Europe / Bruce Ware on angels and free will / Samuel Davies’ tragic children / Book deals / and more.

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (July 11)

    A La Carte: The Disney princess whose heart isn’t worth following / Words of mercy and grace when we disagree / Ten reasons why the Bible is the greatest of great books / Why balance is bad for pastors / The earliest record of Jesus’s childhood / and more.

  • Cognitive Decline and Common Faults

    Cognitive Decline and Common Faults

    When visiting a far-off church, I met a man who, with sadness, told me about his father’s final sermon. A lifelong pastor and preacher, his father had withdrawn from full-time ministry several years prior, but still preached from time to time. On this Sunday he took to the pulpit, read his text, and gave his…

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    A La Carte (July 10)

    A La Carte: How the GOP became pro-choice / Forgive, and be forgiven / 10 non-cringy faith-based movies / The practice of arranged marriages / Do I share the gospel now? / How to show Mormon missionaries that the Bible contradicts their gospel / and more.

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (July 9)

    A La Carte: A prayer for my children’s walk with Christ / What really happened and Nicea / The secular creed / The Bible is not boring / It’s okay to fail / How can I read my Bible correctly? / Kindle deals / and more.