A La Carte (12/8)

Facebook at the Altar
I got a laugh out of this. Let’s assume it is meant to make a point…

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Tribute to a Martyr
“A British man whose great-great grandfather was killed and eaten by cannibals has taken part in a unique reconciliation event on a south pacific island. In the 1830s, the Reverend John Williams was the most famous missionary of the age. Today, 170 years after his murder, the descendants of those responsible felt the need to put old ghosts to rest.”

Hospitality Tips and Principles
Looking forward to the holiday season, Abigail offers up a list of tips and principles related to hospitality.

What Happened to Flight 447?
Popular Mechanics looks at Air France flight 447 to try to determine what happened. “The aviation industry’s safety record has never been better, but when Air France flight 447 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris vanished without a trace, it spurred new efforts to prevent tragedies before they happen.”