A La Carte (1/4)

It’s our annual Week of Prayer at Grace Fellowship Church, which means that for two hours a day (one hour in the morning and one in the evening) we spend time in corporate prayer, praying through the lists of all those who attend, through the lists of other local churches, and for countless other things. What a great time this always is.

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Rest and the Pastor’s Soul – Thabiti (Thabiti is now like Sting and Bono and Madonna–a guy who is known by just one name) offers some wise counsel for pastors on when and how to take times of rest.

Another New NIV? – Marvin Olasky looks at the new NIV. “The NIV was then the most trusted Bible in America, with slightly over a 50 percent market share. Many evangelicals felt betrayed when a small committee secretly made changes that appealed to feminists. WORLD called the new translation the Stealth Bible, and that designation stuck.”

Reclaiming Adoption – Here’s a review of Cruciform Press’ latest book, Reclaiming Adoption. “Perhaps the greatest personal endorsement I can give is to say that Cruver’s book has convinced me and my wife (and even my three children) to seriously pray, asking our Father if He would provide the means and method by which our family might live out of our adoption as Abba’s children by adding another child to our family or giving us the opportunity to care for orphans.  I’m excited to see what He does with this.”

End of Days in May – To echo my pal Greg Lucas, Harold Camping says Jesus will return in May. My theology tells me he’s wrong; my heart hopes he’s accidentally right. This article talks about his latest prognostication (and those who just never give up on him).

An MTV Abortion – Denny Burk: “Last week I saw a news story about the MTV program “16 and Pregnant,” which was set to air an episode featuring a young mother who chose to have an abortion. The mother’s name is Markai Durham, and she already had one child when she became pregnant a second time. She and the father decided that they didn’t have the resources to raise a second child, and that is why they chose to end the life growing inside her.”

The Daily Habit of Simplifying – This is a short article with some really practical advice on de-cluttering your home.

7 Billion – National Geographic offers up lots of interesting facts in this short video about the world’s population which is projected to soon hit 7 billion.

Nothing gives such offence, and stirs up such bitter feeling among the wicked, as the idea of God making any distinction between man and man, and loving one person more than another. –J.C. Ryle