A La Carte (2/19)

Americans Released from Haiti
This video shows Silas and Paul Thompson (you remember that I interviewed Renee Thompson last week) safe and sound in Kansas City. The video includes a statement and a brief press conference.

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Randy Alcorn on Six Day Creation
Alcorn says pretty much what I’d say: “To me it just seems so difficult to find other positions in Genesis 1, other than the literal 24-hour days position, without importing them. Hard to see them there to export! I have read widely the Intelligent Design material and I like it. I believe it certainly serves a good purpose, but its assumption of the old universe may not be valid.”

How Google and Facebook Invade Your Privacy
It’s well worth reading this article (or one of the many like it) and reflecting on what it means that we so easily give away so much information about ourselves. “What’s happening is that our privacy has become a kind of currency. It’s what we use to pay for online services. Google charges nothing for Gmail; instead, it reads your e-mail and sends you advertisements based on keywords in your private messages. The real holy grail is your list of friends. With that information, marketers can start sending more targeted messages…”

Octavius Winslow
Matthew Blair has created a blog dedicated to the work of Octavius Winslow.

Men Make Mistakes
“The Bible Was Only Written by Men…and Men Make Mistakes.” Greg Koukl briefly answers this faulty line of reasoning for doubting the validity of the Bible.