A La Carte (2/3)

Haiti Three Weeks Later
“Tomorrow [note: this is from February 1] will mark three weeks since the massive January 12th earthquake in Haiti, and tent cities remain full, even as some businesses and factories are beginning to reopen in Port-au-Prince. Now that massive amounts of aid have arrived, distribution problems have cropped up and are being addressed.” Boston.com shares a photo gallery from the devastated nation.

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Haiti Food Convoy
While on the subject of Haiti, this article conveys just a bit of the trouble faced doing even the most basic humanitarian work there.

Antidepressants Are Worse Than Placebos
This is an interesting article about antidepressants and their problems. “The placebo effect–that is, a medical benefit you get from an inert pill or other sham treatment–rests on the holy trinity of belief, expectation, and hope. But telling someone with depression who is being helped by antidepressants, or who (like my friend) hopes to be helped, threatens to topple the whole house of cards.”

Piper’s Writing Leave
I’m always interested to hear what John Piper will be doing on his annual writing sabbatical. Here he explains.

Churches Promoting Martial Arts
From the New York Times: “‘Father, we thank you for tonight,” he said. “We pray that we will be a representation of you.’ An hour later, a member of his flock who had bowed his head was now unleashing a torrent of blows on an opponent, and Mr. Renken was offering guidance that was not exactly prayerful.”