A La Carte (1/18)

Haunted by Haiti
Mark Driscoll: “On Thursday morning James MacDonald, who leads a wonderful church and Bible-preaching ministry, called me to brainstorm some ideas he had to get involved and help direct other pastors and churches to do the same. As our conversations, texts, and emails continued, by the day’s end we had decided to take a trip together to Haiti. He had secured transportation and an initial delivery of 1,000 pounds of relief supplies. From Mars Hill we gathered a small filmmaking crew and a Pulitzer Prize finalist photographer who has covered events in Kosovo, Haiti, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Rwanda while working for Time magazine, The New York Times, and The Boston Globe, who volunteered to go with us.”

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Investing in Sermon Titles
From David Murray (professor at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary): “The key to increasing sermon-downloads is an attractive sermon title. We may prefer people to click “download” because of the theological content in our sermons, but the reality today is that many will not listen to our wonderful theology unless we put some careful and creative thought into the title. What’s the point in spending 10 hours preparing a sermon and only 10 seconds on the title, if the title is perhaps the primary factor in attracting and engaging listeners – both in the virtual and in the real world?”

Mommy, Are You Happy?
Susanna (my little sister) writes about depression and family history. “This disease runs deep and is definitely a way in which Satan has bound many on the Challies side of the family especially. A few suicides due to severe depression, etc. I feel it is a hereditary condition which certainly passed on to me yet a sort of spiritual bondage too. As long as I can remember, I have struggled with this disease in all the different forms it takes on as one grows older, life gets more and more complex, etc.”

We’re the Problem
In this short video John Piper does what John Piper does so well.

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