A La Carte (2/4)

Archaeology: What It Can and Can’t Do for Old Testament Studies
Here is an interesting article by Kenneth C. Way. “Today’s Christian has a responsibility of closing the gap between himself and the ancient text by considering archaeological and textual sources that demonstrate relevance to the Bible in order to more accurately interpret the Word of God.”

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An E-Z Guide to Publishing
Boston.com rants about the book industry today–ghost writing, blurbing, reviews and signs all receive a little bit of attention.

The Google Monoculture
This is worth thinking about. “If Google were to go down (or become essentially unusable — same thing) for, say, 72 hours or more, how disruptive would it be to the economy? Would online retailers see a slowdown in business? Would job-seekers remain out of work longer? Would the productivity of information workers (who supposedly spend a couple hours per day doing online searches) be seriously affected?”

DG Pastors Conference Audio
Desiring God is posting the audio files from the Pastors Conference. It looks like there are lots of good messages there.

Is Wikipedia Cracking Up?
This is a good article looking at both the positives and the negatives of Wikipedia. “The site has more than justified its founders’ faith in the wisdom of crowds. But it has also shown that every crowd has its share of fools and knaves. Vandalism and error are endemic, and it has often driven users to the conclusion that the only way to increase accuracy is to reduce access. The tensions are not new, but they are growing.”

Noah Won!
A little while I asked if you’d consider voting for Noah in the Cutest Tax Deduction contest. Well, little Noah won and his parents are thrilled.