A La Carte (2/4)

Oops. I mistakenly hit the “publish” button a little prematurely on this one. So you can enjoy A La Carte 2/4 on 2/3.

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$5 Friday – You asked for it and now you’ve got it. Today only you can buy R.C. Sproul’s commentary on John for just $5 (book or e-book). The retail price on the book is $27 so that’s quite a deal.

CCEF Booklets – I linked to this yesterday but at the New Growth Press site. Westminster Books also has these CCEF counseling booklets (great to have at the back of the church) on sale.

Wickedness Warring Against Women – Thabiti links to a couple of horrifying video stings of Planned Parenthood. “A man posing as a pimp along with a female associate approach different Planned Parenthood clinics seeking abortion, STD, and contraceptive advice from clinic workers.  They do not hide the fact that they are “managing sex workers” and that some of their girls are as young as 14 or 15.  The videos reveal Planned Parenthood workers bending federal guidelines, offering advice on how to care for girls brought to the country illegally, and how to get abortions for underage girls without parental consent or notice.”

The Big Picture in Egypt – The Big Picture has a photo essay from Egypt. It pictures all of the turmoil going on there.

Piper’s Journal – Desiring God has shared John Piper’s journal entry from January 27, 1987, the day he first received a copy of Desiring God.

Sex Marks the Spot – This article is a little bit crass as it attempts to connect with a Super Bowl crowd. But it’s worth the read. “What Super Bowl would be complete without a player using it as a moral platform? Last year, it was Tim Tebow and his pro-life commercial. This year it’s Pickett. Green Bay’s defensive tackle not only wants to stop the Steelers this Sunday. He wants to stop pornography.”

The Force – Everyone’s talking about this Volkswagen commercial, so I figured I’d post it.

Profanity is the use of strong words by weak people. –William A. Ward