Intentional Parenting

Intentional ParentingAs you know by now, I am one of the co-founders of Cruciform Press, a publishing company that is seeking to give Christian publishing a bit of a “reboot.” Each month, on the first day of the month, we release a new book. And this month’s book is a good one. It is written by Tad Thompson and titled Intentional Parenting. Here is just a brief description:

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There are literally thousands of books available on how to live various aspects of the Christian life.

Of these, at least a couple of dozen pertaining to family life and child training are well worth reading.

This is not one of those books.

This book is designed to help you take those other books, as well as all the sermons, teachings, and exhortations you have received on child training and leadership in the home, and make sense of it all.

Pastor Tad Thompson has assembled a biblical approach to effective family discipleship. Let him share it with you in this clear, encouraging, accessible book.

This is not another book of tactics and techniques. It is a book of strategy for parents who want to be intentional about discipleship in the home.

Dr. Joel Beeke says the book is “a practical page-turner that encourages fathers to engage the hearts of their families with truth and grace. In an age when truth is either ignored or despised, it is refreshing to see a book written for ordinary fathers who want their families to be sanctified by the truth (John 17:17). Thompson writes with grace which reminds us that parenting, like every aspect of Christian discipleship, flows from the sweet mercies of Christ.”

If you would like to learn more or if you’d like to buy Intentional Parenting, visit where you can find it in a variety of book and e-book formats (for as low a price as $3.99).