A La Carte (3/1)

 To Save a Life
I found this review interesting. Writing for the National Post, Barry Hertz writes a scathing review of what he calls the “faithsploitation” genre of film.

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Uncle Jay Explains
Once again Uncle Jay explains the week’s news.

Songs that Celebrate the Resurrection
Bob Kauflin provides a list of songs that celebrate Christ’s resurrection. “Because we tend to sing a high percentage of songs about the resurrection on Easter Sunday, I thought I’d take the opportunity to suggest some songs I’ve become aware of that highlight the resurrection, especially in view of the cross.”

Is It Moral To Walk Away From Your Home Loan?
Gene Edward Veith looks at this question. “Lots and lots of homeowners are “underwater.” That is, they owe more on their houses than they are worth. Brett Arends, writing in the Wall Street Journal, says that it’s okay to walk away from loans like that…”

Does God Believe in Atheists?
Monergism Books has this title by John Blanchard on sale today.