A La Carte (3/1)

Baseball and the Christian Walk – Because baseball season is nearly upon us. “The reality that baseball is a game of managed failure for every player, even the great ones, is one of the reasons the game imbedded so deeply in the fabric of American culture.”

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Page CXVI – Page CXVI, which is a project meant to make hymns accessible, is giving away their complete catalog of 74 songs. It’s there for the taking! “To celebrate our 7-year anniversary of making music, we’re giving away our entire catalog of music for the month of March.”

We Are What We Remember – Jim Hamilton read a book I suggested, Moonwalking With Einstein, and has some very interesting applications. As he writes, he demonstrates why it is useful for Christians to read more than explicitly Christian books. (Be sure to read down a little ways.)

Economics Has Consequences – “Economics Has Consequences” is a greatly abridged version of a teaching series from R.C. Sproul Jr. Ligonier Ministries has made this abridged version free to watch online.

Three Generosities – “I think there are three levels of generosity a local church can process through given the gospel’s dominion in the place and the leadership’s determination to be humble and not insecure.” There is some food for thought here.

Hate Speech Ruling in Canada – This is very encouraging news from my side of the border (though, as always in this world, the news is not all good). “The Supreme Court of Canada unanimously ruled yesterday that a Sasketchewan Christian who distributed anti-gay pamphlets ‘violated the province’s human rights rules.’ However, the ruling encouraged Canadian evangelicals because it also narrowed the definition of hate speech, striking down some sweeping, unconstitutional language.”

Calvary shows how far men will go in sin, and how far God will go for man’s salvation. –H.C. Trumball