A La Carte (3/11)

I’m on the way to South Carolina to speak at one of the Psalm 119 conferences on discernment. I’m looking forward to spend time with guys like Todd Friel and Trevin Wax. And of course, sharing a couple of messages on why to be discerning and how to be discerning well.

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The Prince of Wales and John 14 – “Prince Charles has read from John chapter 14 as part of an online version of the King James Bible. The idea is the brainchild of the King James Bible Trust and is the latest event to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the translation.”

How to Have a Good Argument – Yes, it’s another article about Rob Bell. But skip to the second half of the article and this blogger has some good things to say about a good argument.

100 Shares – It was 25 years ago that Microsoft went public. Here’s an article about what you’d be sitting on if you had been one of the buyers.

Shedding the Spines – Sometimes evolution pretty much parodies itself. “Genetic comparison with chimps suggests that losing chunks of DNA – including one associated with penis spines and facial whiskers – played a crucial role in making us human.” Seriously?

Kids and the Bible – Erik writes about how he helps his children read and understand the Bible.

iPad 2 – Daring Fireball, the source for Apple news and reviews, gives his take on the iPad 2.

Planned Parenthood – This is a horrible video, but that’s kind of the point. (HT:Z)

The truly wise man is he who always believes the Bible against the opinion of any man. –R.A. Torrey