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A La Carte (3/16)

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Questions about Evangelism – J.D. Payne (whose new book on evangelism just turned up in my mailbox yesterday) answers some questions about evangelism.

Fukushima Nuclear Accident – Once more I’d direct your attention to this site for information about what’s going on at the nuclear power plants in Japan. The author has a very different perspective from the mainstream media. He believes the situation is quickly stabilizing.

I Heard the Voice of God – John Piper tweeted this yesterday and it reminded me of what I think is one of his better blog posts.

Speaking About Hell – Lots was written about Rob Bell and Hell yesterday, but I think Ligon Duncan’s article is probably the one most worth reading. He offers counsel on how we (and preachers especially) should speak of hell. Al Mohler writes about the re-emergence of liberal theology while MSNBC’s host Martin Bashir takes Bell to task live and on the air.

Everyone’s Problem – From the Stand to Reason blog: “The Japan tsunami inevitably raises profound questions about God and evil. But in this discussion, it is important to realize every worldview, not just Christianity, must explain evil. Christians are often on the defense with regards to this objection, yet the tables can be turned on the atheist, with his naturalistic worldview in tow. Given naturalism, what is evil and how does the atheist make sense of it?”

Why The Daily Is Doomed – David Murray on why The Daily, the first daily newspaper for the iPad, is doomed to fail.

Riches and contentedness are like two buckets; while one comes up full the other goes down empty.

—Thomas Adams

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

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