A La Carte (3/16)

Digital Etiquette
“This is a friendly call for creators of MP3’s to follow some very simple guidelines that will make end users lives easier, and be a testimony to the messages we preach & teach. If you value the material you post publicly on the Internet, please demonstrate it’s value by following these 3 very simple guidelines.”

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Meet David Powlison
C.J. Mahaney turns his interview series to David Powlison.

Reading Technology
A snarky cartoon that looks at the great user interface and other features of books.

Driscoll’s Confusion on the Old Calvinism
James Grant has some wise correctives to Mark Driscoll’s statements comparing the New Calvinism to the Old Calvinism.

US Dollars in Circulation
This video from Glenn Beck shows how many US dollars have entered circulation in the past few months. This is shocking stuff!

Deal of the Day: Literary Study Bible
Monergism Books is offering a 40% discount on the really nice-looking TruTone, Brown/Parchment version of the ESV Literary Study Bible.