A La Carte (3/18)

Three Great Reads for EasterEarlier this week I suggested a few books that are suitable for Good Friday reading. Here’s the natural follow-up: three books to read before Easter. One, two and three.

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Son of Hamas – GQ (of all publications) has an interview with Mosab Yousef, the Christian author of Son of Hamas.

Heavenward – Scotty Smith has moved his blog, which is almost entirely prayers, to Gospel Coalition.

Kindle for Mac – At long last, Amazon has released their Kindle for Mac software. Unfortunately it’s like the PC version in that you can view notes you’ve made using your other devices, but you can’t actually take notes or highlight using the software.

ESV App – You’ll want to check out the new (and free) ESV app for iPhone.

Top 100 Church Blogs – Church Relevance offers the updated list of the top 100 Church Blogs. (I almost didn’t link to this because it seemed somehow arrogant, but I do respect the amount of work CR has put into the list and thought it would be good to acknowledge it)