A La Carte (3/23)

Friday March 23, 2007

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Du Jour: Lydia has a very good article about “Modesty and Other Women’s Husbands.” What she says applies to other men’s wives as well.

Entertainment: Here is another one for the American Idol fan. Turns out another contestant is a worship leader and four of the finalists claim to be believers.

Weird: For the liberated man, how about changing your last name instead of making your wife change hers?

Books: Fun facts about the 1000 most common books found in libraries.

Quotes: Paul shares some quotes from Tony Campolo.

Humor: Football site Fanball describing Eli Manning’s recent engagement. “We assume Manning threw the ring five feet over McGrew’s head, got a sour look on his face, hung his head, and then trotted over to the couch. Oh, and congrats Eli!” Gotta love the sports world.