A La Carte (3/24)

We Can’t Sing – Michael Krahn: “I see a parallel between the lack of confidence in singing and the world of visual images in tabloid and fashion magazines. Photoshopped images create unrealistic body expectations. In the modern era of music autotuned recordings give us unrealistically perfect sounds.”

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An Interview – Frank Viola recently interviewed me about blogging and life in general.

Another Interview – I also guested on the Samson Society podcast a couple of days ago. We talked mostly about Sexual Detox. Scroll down and look for episode 17.

The Lost Girls – Carolyn McCulley points to an article that looks at the growing problem of sex slavery in the US. “Imagine you live in a country riven by war or poverty or both. There is no work. There is not enough food to feed your family or money for medicine when someone gets sick or injured. Education is nothing but a pipe dream. If you are a woman, your value is even more tenuous; you have probably been beaten or abused in some other way by a father, a husband, or an employer. You’re smart enough to understand that this life promises to be the only one you will get. It will last for another thirty or forty years, with no improvement. And that will be it.”

Voices of Haiti – Amazing photography highlighting the human devastation in Haiti.

Kindle for iPad – This app could change everything about the iPad for me. Then again, what are the chances that Apple will even allow it?

Christ Conducts His Choir – A reflection from David Murray. “In this astounding video, American composer and conductor Eric Whitacre spliced together nearly 250 videos of individuals singing individual parts of ‘Lux Arumque.’ He sent out the music, auditioned the singers, and then chose 250 of the submitted videos, which he spliced together to form this ‘virtual choir.'”