A La Carte (3/24)

Sermon Jams: Volume 5
1031 Sermon Jams has released a new volume of their sermon jams. You are free to download, burn and distribute the files. DD)

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Writers’ Rooms
Here is a neat photo essay (with an audio track by the photographer) sharing photographs of various writers’ rooms. They range from the stark to the cluttered and everything in between.

Free Audio Books from Jim Elliff
Audio versions of Jim Elliff’s books Pursuing God and Wasted Faith are available for free download at his web site.

Solving Sudoku Mathematically
I’m glad to hear that someone has found a way of solving Sudoku. Now maybe people can stop cluttering magazines with it…

How Publishing Shapes Us
Andy Le Peau has a short but good article on how publishing shapes us. “What does publishing make possible and impossible? Famously, it made the Reformation possible–or at least possible to spread more quickly and widely. It makes the dissemination of information and opinion to great swaths of the population possible. This may be obvious. What is perhaps less obvious is what publishing makes impossible or very difficult.”

Connecting Church and Home
“This weekend, Brentwood Baptist Church hosted a conference on family ministry titled Connecting Church and Home. The speakers were mainly connected with Southern Baptist churches but their purpose will be shared by all Christians.” Though I haven’t read through (or listened to) these talks yet, they come highly recommended.