A La Carte (3/7)

Yesterday at church I was asked for a recommendation for a book on guidance. So I went to my office and pulled down Decisions, Decisions by Dave Swavely–still my favorite on the subject. I cracked it open and out fell a small gold coin dated 1791. Weird.

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Saving Faith – Monergism Books is offering a free download of the e-book version of A.W. Pink’s Saving Faith.

Charlie Sheen is God – This blog (done in video form) raises some interesting points as it discusses Charlie Sheen and his god complex. This guy is right–Sheen is one of the few celebrities courageous enough to just say it: “My life is so much better than yours because I’m so much richer than you’ll ever be.”

Inveitable Ruin – I’ve heard good things about this message Don Whitney gave at a recent conference. It’s called “The Inevitable Ruin of Every Minister and How to Avoid It.”

What Shapes Our Language – Here’s your infographic du jour. This one provides a look at some of the things that shape a language.

Nyiragongo Crater – The Big Picture has a great photo essay of an active volcano at Nyiragongo Crater. Understatement: “Approaching 282 million cubic feet of lava requires extensive protections.”

Sheen, Beck or Qaddafi? – Another fun game. I got 9 out of 15.

iPad 2 Notes – This is a thoughtful article for those wanting to get some big-picture thinking on the iPad 2.

The World’s Most Typical Person – National Geographic tells you who that is.

It is a dangerous crisis when a proud heart meets with flattering lips. –John Flavel