A La Carte (3/8)

The price of The Next Story ebook has fallen to $8.99. Just as promised, enough people pre-ordered it to get the price to drop. If we get another 200 pre-orders, the price will fall again (and everyone who pre-ordered will be charged this lower price). So please, if you intend to buy it, buy it now and save everyone some money!

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Hymns That Keep on Going – An article from CT. “There are many ways to identify the most lasting or best loved hymns among American Protestants. But what would we find by looking at all 28 hymnals published by mainline Protestant denominations from the late 1800s to the present? Out of almost 5,000 hymns, how many would appear in all 28 hymnals?”

Free eBook – Crossway is giving away the ebook version of Steve Monsma’s Healing for a Broken World: Perspectives on Public Policy.

Exclude Visitors – I’ve always been interested in Capitol Hill’s policies regarding membership. Here Michael McKinley calls churches to protect themselves by excluding visitors (from many parts of church life).

Doing Away With Hell – Dr. Mohler has been on TV talking about hell and now he’s blogging about it as well. “The pressing question of our concern is this: Whatever happened to hell? What has happened so that we now find even some who claim to be evangelicals promoting and teaching concepts such as universalism, inclusivism, postmortem evangelism, conditional immortality, and annihilationism–when those known as evangelicals in former times were known for opposing those very proposals?”

Breaking the Bread Code – Information you need. Well, not really, but it’s good to know.

I’m Reading a Book – Bizarre. But strangely amusing. (HT)

One proof of the inspiration of the Bible is that it has withstood so much poor preaching. –A.T. Robertson