A La Carte (4/11)

The Next Story – I believe this is the last day you can order The Next Story ebook at the heavily discounted price. So don’t dawdle. While we’re on the subject, David Murray has made up a really interesting post with some of his reflections on the book, including questions he’s been asking himself while reading it.

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Victory in Disgrace – This is a powerful testimony to God’s healing grace.

Infographics – A small collection: Languages that are tough to learn for English-speakers; cohabitation nation; 50 years in space.

Gospel Coalition – The plenary sessions of the Gospel Coalition Conference will be live-streamed at Desiring God’s site.

Jesus Would Believe in Evolution – The problems with this blog post are many. They are also quite easy to spot.

Earth Art – After I posted a link to some “earth art” a few days ago, a reader forwarded me this site. It has some stunning photographs on display.

Know What’s In It – I appreciate the point of this article: don’t just know how to defend the Bible, but be sure you also know what’s in it.

Prank – Because Monday morning is a good time for a laugh.

A meek person is not necessarily indecisive or timid. He is not so unsure of himself that he could be push over by a hard slap from a wet noodle! –D.A. Carson