A La Carte (4/27)

Taking a Step of Faith – Dan Phillips offers some valuable thoughts on Francis Chan’s recent announcement that he is taking a step of faith and moving on from his church.

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Swapping Is the New Shopping – USA Today on the rise of swapping and bartering: “The rise of the quid pro quo possession comes courtesy of a host of reasons: budget-tightening during a persistently sour economy (swapping is mostly free, save for shipping costs or, for face-to-face fetes, a nominal entry fee); eBay, consignment-store and yard-sale fatigue (you might only get a few dollars for all the effort required); hand-me-down headaches (rifling through a garbage bag of kids’ clothes is daunting and inefficient); environmental awareness (swapping, of course, is the ultimate form of recycling) and fashion experimentation (it’s a frugal way to try out trends).” (HT:Boundless)

We Need Gospel Movements, Not Just Better Churches – Darryl Dash pens a good article on working with local churches. “We all need to learn from others. We’re used to learning from big and successful churches in other countries. It’s much more effective to learn from good churches in our own contexts. That means that I can probably learn more about effective ministry in my city from other churches in my city, and places like it. The resources I need may not be found within my own movement, but within churches that belong to other movements.”

Should We Marry If We’re Theologically Divided? – Russell Moore consistently posts real-life questions that are very good opportunities to attempt to think biblically.