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A La Carte (June 13)

A La Carte Thursday 1

The God of peace be with you on this fine day.

(Yesterday on the blog: It’s Easier to Tear Down than Build Up)

Were the Earliest Christians Illiterate?

We often hear that the earliest Christians were illiterate. If that’s the case, how did they read, lean, value, and transmit the Scriptures? Michael Kruger reflects in this article.

Our New Religion Isn’t Enough

I am not familiar with this author and don’t think she’s a Christian, but was fascinated by her take on the rise of so many “new religions.” “Where is God, in all this? Who is God? Some say therapy culture has no God. I think, more accurately, it’s us. God is who all this revolves around. All these apps and platforms serve us.”

Why Do Evil and Suffering Exist?

“The question of evil and suffering is never a theoretical one. We all experience real and deep pain and wickedness. However, for the Christian believer (who recognizes there is a God), there are only three logical possibilities for the evil things that happen in this world…”

The Missing Ingredient in Too Many Marriages: Joy

“Like cupcakes that are missing sugar, there are too many Christian marriages that are missing a key ingredient. This missing ingredient in too many marriages doesn’t mean it’s not a marriage, just as a cupcake missing sugar doesn’t mean it’s not a cupcake. But neither ‘tastes’ good.”

Is Genesis Literal or Allegorical? (Video)

Mitchell Chase answers the common question about whether Genesis is meant to be understood as literal or allegorical.

    The Death of Fear

    “Humans live in the fear of death, despite their denial of this truth. This fear leaks out of us in the way we live our lives. It enslaves us. How? Not simply because we fear it happening to us, but also because we fear the process of it happening to us. We fear the deconstruction process because we know it is inevitable, inexorable and insistent. We all die. And the older we get the more noticeable that is. If indeed we are fortunate enough to get older.”

    Flashback: The Harder Our Earth, the Sweeter Our Heaven

    Those who were lonely in this world will marvel at the joy of fellowship, those who were abused in this world will be satisfied to experience perfect safety, those who were estranged in this world will rejoice to know full acceptance.

    A profession of faith without progress in the faith is a dead faith.

    —J.A. Medders

    • The Danger and Necessity of a Passion for Church Growth

      The Danger and Necessity of a Passion for Church Growth

      Quite a long time has passed since we witnessed the unexpected rise of a new kind of Calvinism. Few had anticipated that in the twenty-first century, so many millions of people spanning a host of nations and traditions would find themselves affirming such old and controversial doctrines. Yet many did so because they were wary…

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      A La Carte (July 12)

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      A La Carte (July 11)

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    • Cognitive Decline and Common Faults

      Cognitive Decline and Common Faults

      When visiting a far-off church, I met a man who, with sadness, told me about his father’s final sermon. A lifelong pastor and preacher, his father had withdrawn from full-time ministry several years prior, but still preached from time to time. On this Sunday he took to the pulpit, read his text, and gave his…

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      A La Carte (July 10)

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      A La Carte (July 9)

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