A La Carte (4/4)

Friday April 4, 2008

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Wombs For Rent
Dr. Mohler writes about Newsweek’s cover article on surrogacy.

Boundless Podcast
The Boundless crew have recently released their tenth podcast. If you enjoy the site, why not try the podcast?

Chief Blogger
“Kodak Names Chief Blogger: Company Extends its Revolutionary Approach to Product Innovation with Cutting-edge Approach to Social Media.” I’ve always wanted to be a Chief Blogger…

CT Reviews Keller
CT has a positive and in-depth review of Tim Keller’s book.

Devin Brown on “Planet Narnia”
C.S. Lewis scholar Devin Brown has posted a review of a new book called “Planet Narnia.”

Conservative Intelligencer
Conservative Intelligencer is a new blog by an old friend.