A La Carte (4/9)

The African Christian University – Conrad Mbewe posts about an exciting development in Africa. “We have a dream. As Reformed Baptist churches in Zambia grow, a number of our churches have sensed a pull–we believe it is a divine pull–to start a university in Lusaka. God seems to have brought just the right team together in order to realise this dream.”

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Phil Johnson on Warren & Piper – Phil Johnson has some great things to say about John Piper’s invitation to Rick Warren. I think what he says is very fair. “Warren’s private reassurances to John Piper shouldn’t trump the fact that he does not actually preach the gospel plainly, boldly, thoroughly, unashamedly, and in a way that is faithful to the Word of God. If he privately believes something other than what he has said in his books and sermons, that makes him more culpable as a hypocrite. His belief is better than his practice? Let’s not make that sound heroic.”

Humor Can Get Through – Ray Ortlund posts a good cartoon.

Walmart’s Growth – This is an amazing timeline tracing the dominance of Walmart.


7 Miles – A sermon jam featuring a sermon from Matt Chandler:

PIXELS: – Far less edifying, this video is quite amusing, especially if you’re just about my age.