A La Carte (5/1)

Less Conversation, More Action
Hershael York offers some needed balance on swine flu. “You might be surprised to know that the common flu that we are familiar with causes about 35,000 deaths per year in the United States, and between 250,000 and 500,000 deaths worldwide. The numbers from the swine flu are paltry compared to that.”

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Piracy, Islam, and the Modern Age
“In a recent column in The Wall Street Journal, Prothero argues that one cannot understand the current crisis of piracy off the coast of Somalia without understanding the religious roots of this resurgence.”

New Riverside Pastor’s Compensation Splits Congregation
Rather an interesting case here simply because a pastor’s compensation is being taken before a judge. And for good reason, it seems. “Dr. Braxton’s compensation package includes an annual base salary of $250,000; a monthly housing allowance of $11,500; pension and life insurance benefits; entertainment, travel and “professional development” expenses; an equity allowance for the future purchase of a home; money for a full-time maid; and private school tuition for his 3-year-old daughter.”

Why Google Wants You to Google Yourself
“These days, Big Brother isn’t just watching you — he wants to know your superpower and the name of your childhood pet. And he already knows you like to Google yourself, so don’t try to deny it.”

Deal of the Day: Fab Friday
CBD has a couple of noteworthy deals in this week’s Fabulous Friday list. You can get the Baker Commentary Set (Kistemaker and Hendrickson–a great basic set to own) for only $79.99–the lowest price I’ve ever seen for it. They also have a couple of ESV Study Bible’s at pretty good discounts.