A La Carte (5/15)

Thursday May 15, 2008

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Updates from Addis Ababa
Carolyn McCulley and a video crew are currently in Addis Ababa. Carolyn is providing very interesting updates from their work there.

Worldliness: Resisting the Seduction of a Fallen World
At C.J. Mahaney’s blog you’ll find a roundup of posts on the subject of modesty and a special offer if you want to preorder his forthcoming book.

Theological Word of the Day
Here is a new blog that offers a theological word of the day.

Search Kindly
Compassion International offers you unique ways to support them this month.

Keller at The Veritas Forum
“Noted pastor and author Dr. Tim Keller discusses the place of exclusive truth in a pluralistic society in Wheeler Auditorium, followed by a Q&A session.”