Next Year Treat Your Pastor to The Basics

The Basics conference is just wrapping up with a Q & A session involving the three speakers (Alistair Begg, Jerry Bridges and Voddie Baucham). They are answering questions put to them by the people attending the conference. Questions have varied from the spiritual qualifications of men and women who serve in worship teams, to the place of parachurch ministries in the life of the church, to the reason there is no cross at the front of the sanctuary of this building. Good questions, good answers.

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This is the second year I’ve been at The Basics and my experience this year has been much the same as last year. This is really a good conference and one that is geared very specifically and very sensitively to pastors. I especially enjoy the pacing of the conference. Often when I attend conferences I find them almost frantic—every session I’m thinking already of the next session (or how I’m going to track down some lunch or…). But at this conference there is really no reason to worry and there is no reason to leave the church campus or to hurry about. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are all provided by godly volunteers. The speakers eat in the same area as the people attending and they are available to whomever would like to speak to them. There is a break after every session with no three hour periods of sitting still on a pew. The cost is minimal and the benefits great. It is a very good atmosphere with unparalleled opportunities for fellowship. It is easily one of my favorite conferences.

I’d encourage you to consider treating your pastor to this conference next year. Next year’s roster will include Alistair Begg, John Lennox and John Piper. It is bound to be a good one. Keep an eye on the web site for Parkside Church and get your pastor out here next year. It will be a blessing to him and to you.