A La Carte (5/15)

Clayton’s Story
Z shares a powerful little video that tells the story of Clayton McDonald.

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The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory
Dr. Mohler shares his commencement address and charge to graduates of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, delivered May 15, 2009. “And here, right before our eyes, we see hundreds of ministers of Christ, ready to receive diplomas and be granted their degrees. In just moments, these scholars of theology and the arts of ministry will receive their educational rewards, ‘with all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities, appertaining thereto.’ There is but one problem — not one of these ministers is qualified to enter this calling.”

Violence and Notre Dame Shakedown
“The protests against Notre Dame honoring of President Obama this coming Sunday at commencement are making local headlines. Protests help to sell papers, of course, and this one–Catholic students sitting out their own graduation ceremonies, and busloads of protesters coming to Notre Dame on Sunday–has all the markings of a good story.”

Beauty at Any Cost
Mary Kassian looks at the YWCA’s “Beauty at Any Cost” report. “The desire of women to look beautiful is not new. But according to YWCA Chief Executive, Dr. Lorraine Cole, what is new is the unrealistic standard of physical beauty which is relentlessly pushed on females, and the sheer extent to which women and girls are now willing to go to achieve this goal.”