A La Carte (5/28)

It’s a Cruel, Cruel World – Newsweek says that Simon Cowell is to blame for a whole culture of nastiness that has cropped up since he began judging on American Idol. “None of his nasty critiques seem so shocking now, of course. We are a culture that thrives on meanness–mean blogs, mean political campaigns, mean girls. We are so accustomed to mean outbursts, we barely blink when a congressman yells ‘You lie!’ at the president during a speech. Cowell helped take us there.”

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The End of an Era in Publishing – We’ve seen no shortage of articles along these lines in recent years, but they continue to interest me. Here is yet another one predicting the end of publishing as we know it.

Less Is More – This article contains a few good ideas about getting more productivity out of your day. It’s something I realized just a few weeks back. I do more when I work less. When I focus on shorter spurts of work (2-3 hours at a time, max) I am able to concentrate better and get a lot more done in that amount of time.

The Origins of Ten Nicknames – For interest’s sake only, here are the origins of ten nicknames. (HT:Abraham)

Officer Frees Dog, Dog Surprises Officer. I got a laugh out of this video. You probably will too.