A La Carte (5/4)

Spurgeon on What You Watch on TV
“Those who can look with delight or any degree of pleasure upon the sins of others are not holy. We know of some, who will not themselves perpetrate an unseemly jest, yet, if another does so, and there is a laugh excited upon some not over-decent remark, they laugh, and thus give sanction to the impropriety. If there is a low song sung in their hearing, which others applaud, though they cannot quite go the length of joining in the plaudits, still they secretly enjoy it; they betray a sort of gratification that they cannot disguise; they confess to a gusto that admires the wit while it cannot endorse the sentiment…”

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Free Audio Book
ChristianAudio’s free download of the month is Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. Simply use the coupon code MAY2009 and the book is yours for the taking.

Saving the Planet With a Thesaurus
“The problem with global warming, some environmentalists believe, is ‘global warming.'” This article at the NY Times tells of some of the ways people are trying to sell global warming using some new and seemingly innocuous terms.

5 Distortions of the Gospel in Our Day
James MacDonald tells of five distortions of the gospel we tend to hear today. He closes with a warning: “Do you understand the implications of a distorted gospel? What horror to imagine many people thinking they are ready to meet God only to find out they never were because they believed a distorted gospel.”

The Expanded Bible
Here is a new translation of the Bible courtesy of Thomas Nelson. Of greater interest to me than the translation itself is the marketing they are using to try to raise awareness. They are relying on Twitter and other social media to do the job…

Undressing Pornography
This article, though it’s a few years old, is very useful when it comes to thinking properly about pornography.

Deal of the Day: A New Systematic Theology
Today (while supplies last) Monergism Books is offering A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith, 2nd ed. by Robert Reymond at a 50% discount.