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A La Carte (June 24)

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Good morning. Grace and peace to you.

Today’s Kindle deals include several excellent titles published by Crossway. There’s a long list of other options as well.

Logos users, last week’s Blue Friday deals continue into this week. All Base Packages are 20% off and lots of commentary sets and other resources are significantly discounted.

(Yesterday on the blog: The Means and the End)

Willie Mays, Henry Aaron, and God’s Beautiful Providence

I very much enjoyed this article about two baseball greats. “Beyond hailing from the same home state and their nearly parallel statistical accomplishments, the two men could not have been much more different. They spent their adult lives being compared and contrasted, contributing to an uneasy relationship.”

The Psalms’ Quiet Case for Musical Diversity

This article is really interesting. It points out that there is evidence within the Psalms of the beauty of musical diversity.

How to Criticize Your Pastor

There are times when it becomes necessary to criticize a pastor. This article offers some guidance on when, how, and who. “I’m no stranger to being on the receiving end of those letters (and emails, Facebook messages, and texts). Every letter is an opportunity for me as a leader to grow in wisdom and humility. But every message takes an emotional and spiritual toll as well.”

A New Day

Blake writes about the beauty and opportunity of a new day. “With a new day comes another opportunity: an opportunity to pursue holiness, to forsake our old selves, to forget what lies behind and look to what lies ahead. A new day brings reasons to rejoice, to hope, to sing, to laugh, to worship.”

Take Every Thought Captive

Ruth has a prayer for those who struggle to take every thought captive, especially in the area of jealousy toward others.

Sitting on Suitcases

“Life is so incredibly good; marriage to Elaina, my wife, even better, and the Lord, the Giver of all good things, infinitely better still. And yet, when my heart fastens tightly on thoughts about Heaven, thinking about seeing Christ face to face, anticipating being rid of every trace of sin, I get restless. It’s not so much that I want to leave this life and the good things in it, but rather that I want to scoop it all up and take it with me – take it home, take it to Him.”

Flashback: Lessons I’ve Learned From False Teachers

False teachers simply cannot tolerate the gospel. At some level and in some way, they will always add to or subtract from the pure and sweet gospel of salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

If you’re driven by personal ambition, no amount of success will ever be enough. But if you’re driven by godly aspiration, you’re ever looking to the Savior and saying, “He is enough.”

—Brad Wheeler

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