A La Carte (6/12)

Thursday June 12, 2008

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The Great (Debt) Seduction
David Skeel has some good thoughts on a fascinating article in the New York Times. It deals with the displacement of America’s traditional norms of thrift and frugality in favor of norms that “encourage debt and living for the moment.”

Drive Free, Retire Rich
Some good financial thought from Dave Ramsey. (HT:Z)

Witnessing to Westboro Baptist
Josh describes a recent experience of witnessing to the people of Westboro Baptist Church (i.e. the “God Hates Fags” people).

A Report on Kids and Reading
Publishers Weekly writes about a Scholastic report about reading habits in children and teens. This jumped out at me: “parents who read frequently were found to be six times more likely to have children that read often, compared to those who read infrequently.”

The Politics of Health
This missionary in Uganda offers an interesting view of how black and white thinking doesn’t always work in the field. In this case she talks about how the use of DDT would both benefit and disrupt the area.

Problem Gamblers Sue Casinos
Yet another unbelievably stupid lawsuit, but one that is satisfyingly ironic.

Best Review of the Worst Book
Here is a hilarious review of what looks to be a truly (truly!) bad book. Here’s a particularly wonderful quote: “Of all the things to think, he never thought he’d think that.”