A La Carte (6/14)

Heaven Is a Real Place, But… – I appreciated this perspective on the book Heaven is for Real: “What disturbs me are the reports I am hearing anecdotally from people about how Heaven Is For Real is regarded as ‘powerful evidence’ for biblical Christianity.”

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If I Were John MacArthur – “If I were John MacArthur, for one thing, I’d be able to throw a football further than anyone reading this post. But I would also be faced with a conundrum of existential proportions: What’s next?” What do you do after preaching the entire New Testament verse-by-verse?

Gospel Meditations for Men – This book comes well recommended: “Authored by Chris Anderson and Joe Tyrpak, the booklet includes 31 devotional articles that explain the gospel and apply it to the everyday lives of singles, husbands, and fathers.”

Top 5 Deathbed Regrets – David has a listing of the top 5 deathbed regrets. I wonder if anyone truly dies without regret…

The Internet Is My Religion – A reader sent along this rather sad video. It shows that people will replace God with something, anything. This speaker revoked his Christian faith to place his faith in the Internet.

What Keeps Us from Mission – The Resurgence is beginning a series that ought to be interesting: Ten Things That Keep Us from Mission. Over 10 articles they’ll examine the following reasons: Too busy; Inadequate community support; Uncertainty of beliefs; Negative view of conversion; Loss of free time; Lack of common interests; Fear of condemnation; Fear of corruption; Fear about what to say; Loss of relationship.

To Satan no sight is beautiful but deformity itself, and no smell is sweet but filth and nastiness. –John Calvin