A La Carte (6/16)

Christian Audio Twice Yearly Sale
My friends at Christian Audio have begun their twice yearly sale on digital downloads. Most books are now available for download at just $7.49.

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Wendy Shalit Reviews Dirt
Wendy Shalit reviews a book about housekeeping, of all things. “Frenzied and oppressed though grandma may have been, she managed to survive without a nanny, Martha Stewart’s recipes or a professional organizer to “declutter” her home. Nor did she feel the need to line up at the Container Store to purchase cedar sock organizers and $69 linen-covered boxes. Who has really won this particular generational struggle? “Dirt” inadvertently suggests an answer.”

The Summer Brain Drain
“A teenager I happen to know quite well (seeing that he lives in my house) announced last week that summer is time off for his brain. Well, nothing fires up the parental learning plans like a teenager who announces his plans to learn as little as possible over the summer. Suffice it to say that the young man has a wonderfully enriching summer on his way. And — I promise you this — he will enjoy it. Like I say, I know the kid.”

Denny Burk on Headship at Home and at Church
Scot McKnight has invited readers to respond to a letter that he received concerning women in leadership. Denny Burk does so in this brief article.

Deal of the Day: Ephesians
Evangelical Press is offering more than 50% off Harry Uprichard’s commentary on Ephesians.