A La Carte (6/18)

Rare Prenatal Testing Court Case
This is awful on several different levels. “In the months before their daughter was born in 2007, Deborah and Ariel Levy worried the baby might have Down syndrome. … A doctor at the Legacy Center for Maternal-Fetal Medicine assured them that a sample of tissue taken from the placenta early in the pregnancy ruled out the developmental disability. … But within days of the birth of their daughter, the Southwest Portland couple learned the baby did have Down syndrome. Had they known, they say, they would have terminated the pregnancy. Now they’re suing in Multnomah County Circuit Court, seeking more than $14 million…”

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Solo Sex
The most recent CCEF podcast features Winston Smith discussing solo sex (masturbation) and what’s sinful (if anything) about these supposedly “victimless” indulgences.

Should Christian Creatives Work for Free?
This article opens a worthwhile can of worms, asking whether Christian creatives, those who work for churches designing brochures, working on websites, and so on, should be paid or do their work on a volunteer basis.

Deal of the Day: The True Story of Noah’s Ark
RHB has this title on sale today only. “This stunning account of the flood and Noah’s ark is true to the biblical record and its timeline of events with added insight as to what it might have been like to be in Noah’s shoes. The artwork is fantastic and gives a feeling of awe to realize what a tremendous undertaking the ark actually was. This is great reading for the entire family.”