A La Carte (6/6)

In case you missed it on Saturday, I put together quite a list of deals for Kindle owners. Amazon currently has a lot of good books that are being sold for just a dollor or two. You may like to check out the list as I’m sure the deals will not last for long.

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And here are some links for today:

Encourage Your Husband – Brian Croft: “I am grateful that my previous post for husbands has brought with it the same request from the wives. Since I feel much more qualified to write the questions that wives can ask their husbands to encourage us…here are 10 questions for you:”

Bureaucratic Stupidity – Whether this happens in your country or mine, I think we can all identify with this kind of bureaucratic stupidity. “There are some things so far exiled from all the known limits of common sense and rational practice, so inhospitable to logic and fairness, that only — only — governments can be responsible for them.”

Taboo Then and NowLIFE has an interesting little gallery of what was taboo then and how we now regard it as completely normal and unremarkable.

The Church of SportsSlate: “Sports make up a religious strand of American life, and their church is the Entertainment Sports Programming Network. In its 32 years of existence, ESPN has expanded from a cheesy tent-show evangelizing Australian-rules football and girls softball to being ‘the worldwide leader in sports’—a media empire with a presence in television, books, magazines, and the Web.”

Disproving God – Tony Payne offers a useful rebuttal to a line of reasoning we’ve all heard: “An all-powerful God could eliminate all evil and suffering. An all-good, all-loving God would want to eliminate all evil and suffering. Given that evil and suffering are everywhere in our world, the all-powerful, all-good, all-loving God does not exist.”

E-Books Aren’t There Yet – Wired offers 5 reasons that e-books just aren’t there quite yet.

The Milky Way – This is an amazing time-lapse video.

By perseverance the snail reached the ark. –C.H. Spurgeon