A La Carte (7/1)

Toronto the Good – Here is an article describing how Toronto got its nickname, Toronto the Good. It all began with a Christian and a spiritual revival.

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Kindle on Sale – Woot is somehow offering a one-day sale on the Kindle with the price all the way down at $149. This is by the far the cheapest I’ve ever seen the Kindle. They say they’re in some kind of gray area with the pricing, but seeing as Woot is owned by Amazon, I don’t think there’s any real concern.

Ten Questions For Spiritual Conversation – I’m sure I’ve linked to this before, but it’s worth looking over every now and again. It’s Don Whitney’s list of questions to ask to begin a spiritual conversation.

Are You There, God? – Slate covers Christian fiction for young adults. “The new popular source of girl power isn’t a hyper-sexed Miley Cyrus video or Candace Bushnell’s recently published Sex and the City prequel about Carrie Bradshaw’s teen years. If you look past the Bible-study scenes, young-adult novels from evangelical authors and publishers are offering their young Christian readers a surprisingly empowering guide to adolescence. “

Ligonier Video – Almost all the rest of the videos from the Ligonier conference have been posted. This now includes the talks by Al Mohler and Derek Thomas that I’ve been talking about the past couple of weeks. Make sure you click on the word SAT to switch to the Saturday talks.