A La Carte (7/14)

Why Are Americans So Fat?
The New Yorker takes on this question. “In just ten years, they showed, Americans had collectively gained more than a billion pounds. ‘If this was about tuberculosis, it would be called an epidemic,’ another researcher wrote in an editorial accompanying the report.” Wade through the Darwinian stuff and there is some interesting information.

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Broken Down House
Over at Discerning Reader, Mark Tubbs has a review of Paul David Tripp’s Broken Down House. “Broken-Down House is a book for everyone and everything. Everyone in that no one is exempt from its message, and everything in that there is not a single aspect of the human condition (that I could think of) absent from this book. Even more importantly, it is a piece of work whose cornerstone is Christ, and whose chief architect is God himself. Read it and weep, read it and rejoice.”

More Stimulus!
George F. Will has a good op-ed in the Washington Post. He points out “…a $168 billion stimulus — this was Stimulus I — would be the “booster shot” the economy needed. Unemployment then was 4.8 percent. … In January, the Obama administration, shiny as a new dime and bursting with brains, said that unless another stimulus — Stimulus II wound up involving $787 billion — was passed immediately, unemployment, which then was 7.6 percent, would reach 9 percent by 2010. But halfway through 2009, the rate is 9.5.”

Marvin Olasky on Francis Collins
Olasky writes about Francis Collins, Obama’s pick to head the National Institutes of Health. ” Let’s be clear here: Collins is not an atheist like many Darwinians. He told the New Yorkers that “atheism is the least rational of all the choices.” He’s not a deist: He believes not only that God got the ball rolling, but that miracles can happen, although not very often. He believes in Christ’s resurrection. But he doesn’t seem to have a high view of Scripture, which is where we primarily learn about Christ’s resurrection.”

Deal of the Day: Give Praise to God
Ligonier is offering a good discount on Give Praise to God. “In this volume, contributors including Edmund Clowney, Mark Dever, J. Ligon Duncan, R. Albert Mohler, and others explore various aspects of worship. They discuss the regulative principle, the sacraments, expository preaching, music, public worship, private worship, and they call the church to always conform her worship to the Word of God.”