A La Carte (7/19)

How to Evaluate Your Sermons – Here’s one for the preachers: “We must regularly evaluate our preaching to know if we are growing as preachers. Charles Spurgeon (1834–1892) said to his ministerial students, ‘I give you the motto, ‘Go forward.’ Go forward in personal attainments, forward in gifts and in grace, forward in fitness for the work, and forward in conformity to the image of Jesus.’

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Shepherding a 106-Year Old – I enjoyed this article from Brian Croft. He reflects on lessons he has learned from pastoring a 106-year old woman.

Content and Generous – Z has some good things to say about money: “I’m afraid the framing of this discussion leads us to ask the wrong questions. Like the junior high boy who wonders how ‘far is too far’ with his girlfriend, we are quickly caught up in questions about how rich is too rich, how poor is too poor, and the like. Where is the line? Do I feel guilty for having too much? Do the kids have enough? What does ‘enough’ even mean?”

4 Steps to Kill Sin – Courtesy of Sinclair Ferguson.

Reparative Therapy – Al Mohler discusses a hot political issue.

Childrens’ Book Sale – Reformation Heritage Book has several kids’ books on sale (and one about raising them). Gospel-Powered Parenting for $5 is a great bargain!

Amazon’s Tablet – The e-book and e-reader market continues to evolve in interesting directions. Amazon looks set to announce 2 new versions of the Kindle and a tablet which will compete with the iPad.

We are more sure to arise out of our graves than out of our beds. –Thomas Watson