A La Carte (7/6)

Rachel Goes Home
Rachel Barkey, whose message titled “Death is Not Dying” became a bit of an internet phenomenon, went home to her Lord on July 2, 2009 at 37 years of age. If you have not yet heard “Death is Not Dying,” this is a good time to do so.

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Reviewing the Lincoln Bios
At the New Republic, Sean Wilentz has a lengthy essay in which he seeks to understand, based on all of the new biographies, who Lincoln was and was not. A long read, but an interesting one.

I learned a new word this morning and just had to share it: “heteronormativity.” “Researchers at the University of Michigan have concluded that the love stories told in classic Disney and other G-rated children’s films – such as the Little Mermaid – are partially to blame for the pervasiveness of what they label ‘heteronormativity.'”

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