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In honor of Calvin’s 500th birthday, Christian Audio is offering great deals on a list of Calvin-related audio books.

Prime Minister Harper and Transubstantiation
“At a recent funeral for a Canadian dignitary, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was televised at the altar of a Roman Catholic church about to take the Eucharist. Instead of ingesting the host, Harper slipped it into his pocket. This created a furor amongst leading Canadian Catholics.” My buddy Ian has the story and video.

Next Live Available for Download
Bob Kauflin: “The Next 2009 conference took place in Baltimore, Maryland May 30-June 2. Over 2500 people gathered to worship Jesus Christ in song, to study his Word, and to rediscover who he is and what he has done. I had the privilege of leading the songs along with three different bands: the Na Band, Reilly, and Zelos. Some of the sessions also featured a 14 piece string section. We were able to record the event and are now offering Next 2009 Live, a 13 song download for $5. That’s right – 13 songs for 5 bucks. Where else are you going to find a deal like that?”

Is Hurt Mail the New Hate Mail?
Carl Trueman takes this on one in his latest column.

Deliberate Mortgage Defaults
I found this article from TIME rather interesting. “Up to 26% of U.S. homeowners who stop paying their mortgage may be doing so intentionally, not because they can’t make the payments but because they don’t want to put money into a house that’s worth less than what they owe.”

Deal of the Day: The Hope Fulfilled
RHB has The Hope Fulfilled on sale today. “In honoring Dr. Owen Palmer Robertson who is a scholar, pastor, church planter, seminary professor, author, and missionary-administrator, this collection of essays seeks to embody both the Reformation and Westminster tradition flavors of Old Princeton theology and Old Southern Presbyterianism.”