A La Carte (8/2)

Thursday August 2, 2007

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Milestones: Thabiti reflects on his first year as pastor of First Baptist Church in Grand Cayman.

Contest: Clothing designer Christa Taylor is having a contest that offers on lucky woman the “opportunity to win $150 of cute, chic, Christa Taylor merchandise!”

Piper: The Desiring God blog offers more on the color of Jesus AND a reflection on the collapse of that bridge in Minneapolis.

Books: BeliefNet offers an interview with “Christian” “Bishop” Jordan who advocates the wonders of The Secret. “So, we are co-creators with our Heavenly Father. If he himself did not create more creators, then he Himself is no creator. You have the potential to be everything God is. You can begin to create. You can begin to know.”

Books: Dan over at TeamPyro has a list of book titles he is still waiting for.