A La Carte (8/7)

Whither Evangelicalism?
Phil Johnson: Evangelicalism regularly comes under attack from all sides, and let’s face it: a lot of the criticism leveled against evangelicals is well deserved. Although I hold firmly to historic evangelical doctrine, I thoroughly despise what the contemporary evangelical movement has become.

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Evangelism: Joy, Planting and Watering
My buddy P-Mac, a new blogger, has already figured out the value of getting other people to do his blogging for him. Today Steve F., also a good friend, offers “An Encouraging Reminder to Keep Planting and Watering.”

The First Lady’s Staff
This article is completely overstated, but the information it contains is really interesting. It simply lists the staff retained by the First Lady. You’ll be surprised at how many are involved in staffing this unpaid position!

Can Homosexuals Change?
Stand to Reason points to a journal article in the Journal of Human Sexuality that provides some counter-cultural facts. “There is substantial evidence that sexual orientation may be changed through reorientation therapy; Efforts to change sexual orientation have not been shown to be consistently harmful or to regularly lead to greater self-hatred, depression, and other self-destructive behaviors; There is significantly greater medical, psychological, and relational pathology in the homosexual population than the general population.”

The Gospel Man
At this site you can download audio from three different Gospel Man conferences held in the last year.